CHADAR • Frozen River Trek (LADAKH)

100_2227_LR_580 100_2282_LR_580 100_2283_LR_580 100_2395_LR_580 There are very few winter treks in the Himalaya that beat the Chadar trek in Ladakh. This trek is unique for its combination of extreme beauty and extreme challenges in cold winter conditions. The people of Zanskar have been using the frozen Zanskar river since ages as a trade route in winter. The high passes are closed due to heavy snow at this time of the year when temperatures drop to -30°C.

Today, this route is still being used for trade. But also to visit winter festivals, held in the monasteries around Leh. It is not only walking on the frozen Zanskar river that makes the Chadar trek so special, you also get to know the life and culture of the people who live in these ancient and remote valleys. A hot yak butter chai is never far away.   Before starting the trek it is very important to get well acclimatised to avoid Acute Mountain Sickness by  spending a few days in or around Leh.

Day 1 – 4hrs  drive from Leh to Tilit Do , night stay in tents at Tilit Do.

Day 2 – 7 hrs trek from Tilit Do to Singra. Night stay at Singra in cave/tents

Day 3 –  6hrs trek from Singra to Dip. Night stay at Dip in tents.

Day 4  7hrs trek from Dip to Neyrak. Night stay at Neyrak in tents.

Day 5 – 4hrs trek from Neyrak to Salak Do, 3hrs drive to Padum. Night stay in Padum.

Day 6 – Visit around  Padum. Night stay in Padum.

Day 7 – 3hrs drive to Sarak Do, 4 hrs trek to Lingshed. Night stay in Lingshed.

Day 8 – Visit around Lingshed. Night stay in Lingshed.

Day 9 – 7hrs trek to Neyrak. Night stay in Neyrak.

Day 10 –  7hrs trek  to Dip. Night stay in Dip.

Day 11 – 6hrs trek to Shingra. Night stay in Shingra.

Day 12 – 6hrs trek to Tilit Do. 4hrs drive to Leh.

  • Best Time: January to February
  • How to reach: in winter the only way to reach Leh is by air