NUN (7135 m.) – KUN (7085 m.)


The twin peaks of Kun and Nun are located in the rugged and forbidding landscape of Zanskar in northern India and are the biggest in the region.  The route to Base Camp at the head of the Shafat glacier is at 4400m and accessible in a matter of days.

The ascent is a moderate snow and ice route suitable for those with previous climbing experience . The basic trip is to climb Kun however you can extend by 12 weeks to make the double ascent and climb the slightly more difficult Nun whilst acclimatized.

Route 20 days

Day 1 – Leh to Kangi (3800 m ) –  7 hrs drive leh to kangi Village. Overnight at camp.

Day 2 -Kangi to Kanji la base( 4400 m) – 7 hrs trek.. Overnight at camp.

Day 3 Kanji la base to Sumdo via Kanji la 5250 m – 8 hrs trek wit steep climb and river crossing.Over night at camp.

Day 4 -Trek to Rangdum and drive to Gulmatongas  4000 meters. Over night at camp.

Day 5 – Trek to Chasme. Overnight at camp.

Day 6 – Trek to Base camp.

day 7 – Day 17 – From base camp to the summit it can take 1 to 3 weeks . Above base camp we will put three more camps.The last camp will be around 6300 meters.

Day 18 – Trek to Gulmatongas.Overnight at camp.

Day 19 – Drive to Kargil. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 20 – Drive to Leh.

  • Grade – Major Mountain Expedition.
  • Best time – July and August.