In 1931 Frank. S. Symeth, Eric Shipton and R. L. Holsworth, all british mountaineers were heading back from a sucessfull expedition to Mt. Kamet when they lost their way and landed in a valley in the high western Himalayas. This valley was full of flowers, so Frank Symeth named it “The Valley of Flowers”. It is renowned for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers and fauna. The snow leopard is the most famous and mysterious animal roaming around.

Route 8 days/7 nights

Day 1: 7 hrs. drive from Delhi to Rishikesh. Overnight stay at camp/hotel.

Day 2: 8 hrs. scenic drive to Joshimath. Overnight stay at camp/hotel.

Day 3: 1 hr. drive to Govind Gath, 3 hrs. (6km.) trek to camp 1. Overnight at camp.

Day 4: 3 hrs. (7km.) trek to Ghangria. Overnight at camp.

Day 5: 2 hrs. trek to the Valley of Flowers and 2 hrs. back the same day (overnight stay in the park is not permitted). . Overnight at camp.

Day 6: 6 hrs. trek to Govindgath, 1 hr. drive to Joshimath. Overnight stay at camp/hotel.

Day 7: Drive to Rishikesh. Overnight stay at camp/hotel.

Day 8: Drive to Delhi.

  • Grade: Moderate
  • Best Time: May to June / September to November


Rup Kund, the Mystery Lake, resides in the land of the goddess Nanda (goddess Parvati’s name before her marriage to Lord Shiva). It was in 1942 that the lake and its mystery were discovered. A forest officer came upon the lake and saw that there were a considerable number of skeletal remains at the bottom. There have been many speculations as to whom the remains belong. The most credible story is that they belong to Raja Jasdal, his wife Rani Balpa (a Garhwali Princess), their two children and the procession which were on a royal pilgrimage (The Nanda Devi Raj Jat). To this day pilgrims continue to use this route to make offerings to their beloved Goddess. Trekkers come for the amazing views, beautiful meadows and forests and the intriguing lake.

Route 15 days/14 nights

Day 1 – Delhi – Mussoorie (2,600m.)
7 hrs. drive to Mussoorie. Overnight in hotel/guesthouse.

Day 2 – Mussoorie – Srinagar (580m.)
6 hrs. drive to Srinagar. Overnight in hotel/guesthouse.

Day 3 – Srinagar Lohajung (2,250m.)
6 hrs. drive to Lohajung. Overnight at camp.

Day 4 – Lohajung – Wan (2,460m.)
14 km. trek to Wan. Overnight at camp.

Day 5 – Wan – Bedni Bugyal (3,354m.)
11 km. trek to the beautiful Bedni Bugyal (meadows) with great views of Trishuli (7,120m.) and Nanda Ghunti (6,310m.) to the northeast. Overnight at camp.

Day 6 – Bedni Bugyal – Patar Nachauni  (3,650m.)
7km. trek to the meadows of Patar Nachauni.
Overnight at camp.

Day 7 – Patar Nachauni – Rup kund (4450m.)
14 km. trek to Rup Kund and back to the camp on the same day. Overnight in camp.

Day 8 – Rup Kund – Kanol (2,287m.)
14 km. trek to Kanol. Overnight at camp.

Day 9 – Kanol – Sitel ( 2190m.)
10 km. trek to Sitel. Overnight at camp.

Day 10 – Sitel – Srinagar
5 hrs. drive to Srinagar. Overnight in hotel/guesthouse.

Day 11 – Srinagar – Mussoorie
6 hrs. drive to Mussoorie. Overnight in hotel/guesthouse.

Day 12 – Mussoorie – Delhi
7 hrs. drive to Delhi.

Day 13: Mussoorie.
Morning yoga at 6:30 before breakfast. 
Pack up and depart by 10am for the drive back to Mussoorie. 
Check in at guesthouse

Day 14: Mussoorie.
Morning yoga at 6:30 before breakfast 
This is a rest day, which leaves plenty of time to walk around town and purchase any last minute gifts for friends and family back home. 
Overnight in guesthouse

Day 15: Mussoorie.
Morning yoga at 6:30 before breakfast 
Spend the day relaxing and getting things together for your return. This evening we will spend celebrating the end of our journey. 
Overnight in guesthouse

  • Grade: Challenging
  • Best Time: May to June / September to November


KANG YATSE 6400mtr


Route 7 days/ 8 nights

DAY 1 – Shang Sumdo to Kongmaru La base (Lartse).
2-3 hrs. drive to Shang Sumdo, 3 hrs. trek to Ganda La base with gradual climb. Overnight in camp.

Day 2 – GandaLa base to Nimaling (4650m.).
5-6 hrs. trek to Nimaling with 2-3 hrs. of climb to the top of the pass with an amazing view of the peak. Overnight in camp.

Day 03 – Nimaling to base camp.
3 hrs. trek to the base camp. Overnight in camp.

Day 4 – Base camp – Summit 5 (10 – 11 hrs.) – Base camp.
We have to start early (1am) as the snow is hard and therefore it is easy and safe to climb. It takes 6-7 hrs. to reach the summit. On a clear day you can have an amazing view of peaks around Kangyatse: the Stok range to the north east, Karakoram to the far north and the Zanskar range to the south.

Day 05 – Base camp to Nimaling.
3 hrs. trek to Nimaling, rest and overnight at camp.

Day 6 – Nimaling to Chukurmo.
6-7 hrs. trek via Kongmaru La (4948m.). Overnight at camp.

Day 7 – Chukurmo – Shang Sumdo.
Leh – 2hrs. trek to Shang Sumdo, 4 hrs. drive to Leh with a visit to Hemis monastery en route.

  • Grade: Basic, snow/ ice climb
  • Best time: June to september


Stok Kangri

Stok Kangri is the closest and a easy peak to climb from the north side. You should give enough time though to acclimatisation before starting the trek.

 Route 4 days/ 3 nights

Day 1 – 90 min. drive to Stok Trek Point, 4 hrs. trek to Mankarmo (4200m.). Overnight in camp.

Day 2 – 3 hrs. trek to the base camp (4970m.) with slow climb of 700m. Overnight at camp.

Day 3 – Early start around 1am. It takes 6-7 hrs. to reach the summit and around 5 hrs. to get back to the Base camp. On a clear day you can have an amazing view of the peaks around Stok Kangri: Karakoram range and Zanskar range. Overnight at camp.

Day 4 – 5 hrs. trek to Stok Trek point, 90 min drive to Leh.

  • Grade: Basic snow/ ice climb
  • Best Time: June to September




Trek from the beautiful Spiti valley in Himahcal over high passes to the picturesque lake of Tso Moriri in Ladakh. It is one of the most beautiful trails in the Western Himalayas going over Parang La with its grand view.





Day 01:  Arrival in Manali. Night stay in Manali.

Day 02: Manali – Kaza (3900m)
Duration: 8 hours

The drive to Kaza takes one past Rohtang pass (3970m) and Kunzum La (4551m). From Rohtang, the road descends in to the Lahaul valley, till Batal, the road continues through the rugged Chandra river valley. On the way, are great panaromic views of the Bara Shigri glacier, one of the biggest in the Himalayas.

Day 03: Around Kaza

Visit to ancient monasteries in Dhankar and Tabo.  Later in the day drive to Kibber, one of the highest inhabited village in the world and the ancient monastery at Ki. Overnight in camp.

Day 04: Kibber – Dhumle (4260m) 2-3 hrs

2-3 hrs trek, the trails descends through a gorge and arrives at the last village of the trek, Dhumle. 

Day 05: Dhumle – Thaltak (4560m) 5hrs

5hrs trek, gradual and steep climb  to the next camp on a meadow at Thaltak.

Day 06: Thaltak – Base of Parang La (5000m) 6 -7 hrs

The trail takes you down a steep path down to the Parilungbi gorge before ascending to the campsite. The majestic Parilungbi peak stands to the South of Parang La. 

Day 07: Base – Karsha Gonma (4930m) via Parang La  7hrs

7hrs trek to Karsha  Gonma via Parang La (5600mtr ), which is one of the highest passes in Western Himalyas . The trail heads down  from the pass to Karsha Gonma which is at the head of the Para Chu valley.

Day 08 – Karsha Gonma – Parang La base(4680m) 5hrs

It’s a relaxed walk after the strenous pass. The only challenge is a stream crossing before reaching the campsite.

Day 09 –  Umna – Rachu Lamo (4470m) 5hrs

It’s an easy walk, the trail keeping next to the Para chu river most of the way.

Day 10 – Rachu Lamo – Chhumik Shirde (4300m) 5hrs

The trail continues next to the Para Chu river. But the campsite is set on the far bank and the day’s challenge is to cross the river.

Day 11 – Chhumik Shirde – Kyangdom(4350m) 5-6 hrs

The trek continues on the flat ground of the Changthang plateau with some spectacular views along the way. Overnight in camp.

Day 12 – Kyangdom – Tso Moriri (4450m) 5-6 hrs

Walking through the Para Chu valley, the valley suddenly opens up and the landscape turns greener as you approach the lake. Overnight in camp.


Day 13 – Karzok – Leh

8hrs. drive to Leh. Overnight in Leh.